About Phyllis

Phyllis Graves White is a name that is recognized as synonymous with great residential real estate experiences throughout the greater Pinellas County communities for the past 25 years. Enthusiasm, honesty, and empathy with her clients are evident in her friendly and energetic approach to the real estate business. Phyllis believes that taking time to actively listen, inform, and educate buyers and sellers is the key to making good decisions and achieving success. 

A West Virginia native, Phyllis graduated from Greenbrier Women’s College. Phyllis majored in Elementary Education and went on to pursue a successful teaching career before relocating to Florida. With an energetic zest for life, she works where she lives and personally appreciates the quality of life and amenities afforded those choosing to live here. 

As a full-time agent, with 25 years experience, Phyllis has strong relationships with several companies and vendors involved in all aspects of home ownership. This expanded network of resources enables her to advise and counsel clients throughout the entire buying or selling process…from listing a property, staging, showing, and financing to the closing. 

Phyllis provides clients the needed information to handle the process of buying and selling with a minimal amount of stress and uncertainty. She informs and guides clients with advice along with continually setting expectations each step of the way, and trys to ensure the process is enjoyable to everyone. Her sense of empathy for the emotion that goes into buying and selling a home could be the reason why so many of her former clients are her current friends. 

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